The Transformative Power of Writing: Steve Levi’s Unique Contribution

Evan Swensen
3 min readNov 22, 2023

“If you do not have something unique, you have nothing.” Steve Levi’s words reverberate across the vast landscape of literature, highlighting the deep-seated power and potential of the written word. But who is Steve Levi? What drives him? Let’s journey through his life to uncover the magnetic essence of this influential writer and how he’s changing the literary world, one book at a time.

In his early years, Levi faced the mundanity many confront daily. He often completed his tasks within an hour, only to meet six daunting hours of sheer boredom. But rather than surrendering to this routine, he harnessed his feelings of discontent, channeling them into the vibrant world of writing. _”Most jobs are geared to be as much the same on Friday as they were on Monday,”

Levi reminisces. It’s this stagnant monotony that propelled him toward the art of storytelling, a passion he discovered at a tender age. Steve Levi’s perspective on life was never ordinary. His hunger for distinctiveness was insatiable. “I wanted every day of my life to be different,” he once mused — this yearning for the unique manifested in his relationships, particularly with his readers. While working as a grant writer, he faced predictable bouts of boredom. But this dullness transformed into vibrant tales, creative explorations, and challenges that led to masterpieces like The Matter of the Deserted Airliner. An airliner mysteriously lands in Anchorage without a single soul on board, and then a ransom demand surfaces. An ordinary trashcan took center stage in the narrative, serving as a pivotal clue that intensified the intrigue.

Levi’s impact on society is profound. By celebrating uniqueness in literature, he challenges societal norms that often prioritize conformity. His narratives confront the reader, pushing them to question, reflect, and explore beyond their comfort zones. His commitment to producing original content has, in many ways, redefined how the audience perceives and engages with literature.

Reflecting upon his illustrious career, Levi’s legacy emerges as a beacon of hope for aspiring writers. His life is a testament to the transformative power of writing. It’s not just about recording history but also about influencing and profoundly touching the souls of countless individuals. As members of Author Masterminds echo, “Not every book is a good one, but every good book will change your life.” Levi’s unwavering belief in the unique resonates with many, proving that it’s not about conforming but pioneering.

So, to those embarking on the journey of writing, remember Steve Levi’s three cardinal rules for success:

1. Finish what you start.

2. Let the story develop on its own.

3. “If you do not have something unique, you have nothing.”

As the curtains draw on our exploration of Levi’s life, one can’t help but feel inspired. Dive deep into his works, let them challenge your perspectives, and understand the unparalleled might of the written word. Remember, it’s not just about writing but about etching an indelible mark on the canvas of life. Embrace the power of writing and let it change the world, one word at a time.

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