Do You Know Anyone Writing A Book?

Do you know anyone writing a book?

You probably do.

There are many secret writers out there, more than you would expect. Some people who write don’t even think of themselves as writers, though they might write every day.

“Oh, I do some poetry, journaling, and stories now and then. But I’m not a writer,” they say.

If you write, you’re a writer. You may as well ‘fess up. You cannot tell a lie. Look at yourself in the mirror when you brush your teeth and say, “I’m a writer, and it’s okay.”

The question is: what are you going to do with your writing?

That’s the other thing I hear from writers who don’t admit they’re writers:

“Oh, I write just for me; no one would want to read anything I do.”

How would you know if you never let anybody read your writing?

It’s essential to get some perspective, and it’s almost impossible to get far enough away from emotional involvement with your work to do so.

That journal you’ve been keeping for decades?

The collection of your great-aunt’s recipes? Those fish stories you’ve been telling your buddies for years?

People you’ve never met want to read about your years of fishing in Alaska — or anywhere else.

They would be charmed by your great-aunt’s chicken popovers she always served for birthday dinners.

And your journal? Memoir is very popular. Best-seller popular.

Go ahead. Take your work to a critique group at your local bookstore or coffee shop.

Go online and get some [possibly] international feedback.

Whether face-to-face or virtual, finding a group you can work with may take several tries.

You will meet fellow writers along the way. Many of them will be pleasant and helpful. [Be polite to those who are not friendly or helpful, but don’t waste time with them.]

When your work is ready, be sure to talk with a publisher.

Publishers also give feedback. The kind of feedback that looks at the big picture.

A publisher can talk with you about the current state of the book market. Then, they can give you the window into your next step:

Note: If you’d rather self-publish, do yourself a favor and view the video, How to Publish Your Book, On Your Own, Without A Publisher

This webinar will answer the following questions every self-publishing author has:
*How can I be sure the companies I work with have integrity?
*How much will it cost to publish my book?
*Can my book be published with no cost to me?
*Do I need a website, and how much does it cost?
*What about a blog, Facebook page, and other social media stuff?
*How do I market my book?
*What about eBooks?
*How do I get my book in Barnes and Noble, on Amazon, and other booksellers?
*What is a Library of Congress number, and do I need one for my book?
*How do I launch my book?
*What is an ISBN number, is it necessary, and how do I get one?
*How do I copyright my book?
*And, finally, can I expect to make any money?

Book publisher, editor, author, Author Masterminds charter member, founder of Readers and Writers Book Club, and bush pilot.

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Evan Swensen

Book publisher, editor, author, Author Masterminds charter member, founder of Readers and Writers Book Club, and bush pilot.